THE STARS IN 2022: It will be the year of art, Astrologer Susan Miller


We couldn't have a show about forecasting without looking to the stars to see what they have in store for us. 2021 brought a mix of the expected - the continuation of the pandemic - and the completely unexpected - new variants, wonder vaccines, Joe Biden becoming US President and Germany's most experienced leader Angela Merkel standing down as Chancellor. World-famous astrologer Susan Miller tells us what is in her crystal ball about 2022. 


Susan Miller is an American astrologer. She is the author of eleven bestselling books and she had 17 million readers from both her website "" and mobile app in 2019. 

Miller is known for her lengthy, personalised horoscopes,  generally more than 1000 words long. Besides her website and app, Miller uses social media sites like Instagram and Twitter to engage her readers. Her website had 310 million views in 2018. 


Miller says this coming year will be very different. There's optimism and sparkle. "What really excites me about 2022 is the outpouring of art. Jupiter and Neptune are meeting on April 12th in Pisces for the first time in over maybe 13 years, and Pisces is the most creative sign next to Leo."

According to Miller, we had the Grand Conjunction on December 20th, 2021 and that was an earth-shattering meeting of Saturn and Jupiter. It was the first time for the two to meet in Aquarius, in the past 200 years. The industrial revolution started two centuries ago and now it's going to start the next two hundred years, the digital age.  


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