Are you on TikTok? Check out @OurPlanetNeedsYou

CGTN Europe's new TikTok channel @OurPlanetNeedsYou is about you and the Earth we all share. Climate Change is affecting everyone's lives – changing the countryside around us; what we eat; how we travel; how safe we all are.

It's a BIG deal. But that doesn't mean we can only talk about it with lectures and speeches.

CGTN Europe's team has dressed up; dressed down; caught fire; forgot their lines; dressed up more; and played computer games to highlight facts, truths, solutions and tragedies about our world today. It's not like what you will see on TV, but it will make you do that face where your mouth drops open and your tongue unrolls onto the floor and your eyes spin around like roulette wheels.

So get off here right away and give us a follow.





I mean that. It's much more fun over at @OurPlanetNeedsyou.






OK, if you're still here, you may as well get a quick preview of some of our videos. But definitely head straight over to TikTok when you are done. 


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