Plastic roads, superfly solution and gray whales: Full RAZOR Episode

We all know there is a global plastic pollution problem. Five trillion single-use plastic bags are used every year. One million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute. 

But what if we could use the plastic that would normally end up in landfill or incinerators for something else? That is exactly what Toby McCartney is trying to do with his company MacRebur, which has developed plastic roads following 18 months of testing and trialling. 

Razor's Frankie McCamley explores how the plastic roads work and how easy it is to export this model to other places.

Emma Keeling meets the London startup which is generating soldier-flies as a potential solution to the world's fast-approaching protein crisis. 

Shini Somara meets the researchers who are using drone photogrammetry to track an unusual mortality event affecting gray whales arriving from the eastern north Pacific to their breeding grounds near California. 

Many don't survive the journey while others are arriving emaciated because of warming arctic conditions and a declining number of amphipods. 

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