Seagrass and the elephants' long march home: RAZOR full episode

To mark the UN Biodiversity Summit in Kunming, RAZOR took a look back at some of its most dynamic biodiversity stories. 

Seagrass is a flowering plant that grows in the sea, provides a habitat for various species and captures carbon 35 times quicker than a rainforest. But in the last century, Seagrass has suffered a massive global decline because of pollution, overfishing and coastal developments. 

Jo Colan has traveled to Dale in the west of Wales to meet a team of scientists who have pioneered an underwater seagrass restoration project, which is turning the tide for the plants.

A herd of 15 Asian elephants captured the world's attention and hearts this summer after trekking from China's southwestern Yunnan province to Kunming, where the COP 15 summit is being held. 

Neil Cairns spoke to Asian Elephant specialist Becky Shu Chen about what their journey to the city and back home means for conservation efforts and the delicate balancing act of man versus nature.


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