Battery Recycling and Biomanufacturing Fungus: Full Razor episode

In the UK, transport accounts for a third of emissions. Electric vehicles are seen a key to reducing this figure with the EU setting a target of 30 million electric vehicles by 2030. 

But the efficient recycling of lithium batteries is yet to be perfected.

Emma Keeling meets Dr Dan Reed who heads the University of Birmingham's Relib lab which is focused on developing safe, economic and environmentally sound recycling routes that recover large volumes of valuable materials contained in batteries at the end of their first life.

The aim is to help the UK's efforts to develop a circular economy around raw materials for batteries.

Fungus is rarely regarded as the householder's friend – but scientists are harnessing its properties to help save money... and save the planet. 

On this week's episode of RAZOR, Emma Keeling meets the innovative biomanufacturing firm Biohm.

Ehab Sayed founded Biohm after being horrified by the waste within the construction industry. Now he and his team have worked out how to make sustainable, carbon-neutral insulation panels from mycelium – essentially the food-finding 'roots' of fungus.

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