Beijing 2022 to welcome fans, Tesla expansion plans, lunar celebrations: China this week


China remembers

China's President Xi Jinping and other leaders of the Communist Party of China and the state attended a ceremony in Tian'anmen Square, central Beijing, on Thursday morning to present flower baskets to fallen national heroes.

The event was held to commemorate the Martyrs' Day, which falls on September 30, a day ahead of China's National Day.


Aid for Afghanistan arrives in Kabul

The first batch of emergency humanitarian aid for Afghanistan arrived at Kabul International Airport from China, including blankets, down jackets and other winter items urgently needed by the Afghan people. Ambassador Wang Yu said: "Afghanistan urgently needs the support and assistance of the international community."


Tesla manufactured 300,00 cars in China in the nine months to September, despite global chip shortages. /VCG

Tesla manufactured 300,00 cars in China in the nine months to September, despite global chip shortages. /VCG


Musk backs further investment in China

Tesla founder Elon Musk described China as a "global leader in digitalization," as he announced the auto maker will continue to expand investment and research and development efforts at its Shanghai factory. 

Musk was speaking via video to the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen as the electric vehicle pioneer confirmed it has manufactured 300,000 cars in China in 2021, despite a global chip shortage.


China calls for an end to 'Cold War mentality'

Speaking to the United Nations General Assembly, China's deputy representative Geng Shuang called for the eradication of a 'Cold War mentality' just a few days after the U.S., Australia and the UK announced a security pact that will provide cyber facilities, quantum technology and nuclear submarines to the Indo-Pacific region. 

"The total elimination of nuclear weapons must begin with the total elimination of the Cold War mentality. With such a mentality, the world cannot achieve real nuclear disarmament and will not enjoy real peace and tranquility," Geng told a high-level plenary meeting on Tuesday.


A U.S. submarine enters the naval base at Guam in the Pacific Ocean. /VCG

A U.S. submarine enters the naval base at Guam in the Pacific Ocean. /VCG


Beijing Winter Olympics to allow spectators

The Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee has set out its COVID-19 countermeasures ahead of next year's Winter Olympic Games and spectators will be allowed to attend – but only ones from the Chinese mainland.

The IOC was told all athletes and Games participants who are fully vaccinated will enter a closed-loop management system upon arrival and those with a justified exemption will have their case considered.


Saihanba forest farm wins UN award

The former hunting ground of the Qing dynasty has been transformed from a barren wilderness into a national park and nature reserve by China forestry ministry and has won the United Nations' Land for Life award. 

The project, which began in 1962, aimed to plant enough trees to prevent the southward movement of sandland and is now a 76,700 hectare region that provides an ecological shelter for wildlife north of Beijing.


Air show China lands in Zhuhai

The largest air show in China got under way in Zhuhai this week, where visitors were treated to a display of high-end military technology. J-20 fighter jets, powered by Chinese engines rather than Russian ones for the first time, flew past. 

At the show, China revealed it is pursuing a "loyal wingman" drone to help reduce the work of more expensive crewed fighter jets, in line with rival projects in the U.S., the UK, Australia, India and Russia.


Airshow China gave members of the public a glimpse of some of its latest military equipment. /CFP

Airshow China gave members of the public a glimpse of some of its latest military equipment. /CFP


Golden Monkey King awards best animators

Meanwhile, animated series Tracks in the Snowy Forest, has won the gold trophy at the Golden Monkey King awards this week. The ceremony is the top honor for China's cartoon and animation industry.

In addition to two usual categories, General Awards and Promising Awards, this year's ceremony added a "Red Animation Awards" category to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.


The Chang'e-4 probe launched on December 8, 2018. /CFP

The Chang'e-4 probe launched on December 8, 2018. /CFP

Chang'e-4 completes 1,000 days on the moon

The lander and rover of the Chang'e-4 probe have worked for 1,000 Earth days on the far side of the moon as of Wednesday, according to the Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center of the China National Space Administration.

The lander and rover Yutu-2 are in good condition. The payloads aboard are also working properly and will continue scientific exploration on the far side of the moon. As of Wednesday, Yutu-2 has traveled 839.37 meters and obtained 3,632 gigabytes of data.


China supports rights waiver for COVID-19 vaccines

China and a group of like-minded countries support the waiver of intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines and have called upon competent countries to take an active part in international cooperation in this regard, a Chinese envoy said on Tuesday.

Chen Xu, head of the Chinese Mission to the UN Office at Geneva, called upon all member states and other parties concerned to expand vaccine production and upgrade the production capabilities of developing countries.

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