Farmers need better information to help lead global anti-poverty fight
Updated 22:28, 28-Sep-2021

Farmers can lead the fight against climate change and poverty, two of the greatest challenges of our time, but only if we improve the information they have to make decisions, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization's chief scientist.

"The issue is how to get the information to the farmers," Ismahane Elouafi told CGTN Europe's Innovation, Action, Change special. "We need to make it in a language that farmers understand. And that means you've got education issues, you've got literacy issues, you've got accessibility to the technology in terms of cost and know how  - there's a lot of issues."

Elouafi says policymakers need to look at how innovation functions in the private sector if they want to improve the situation. 

"Taking the information up to the farmer has always been difficult. We saw a lot of innovations that were created by universities or other public institutions, but never made it to the ground. On the contrary, with the private sector,  you really see that flow of innovation working very well. And it's because of the business model of the private sector," she said.


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