Empowering women - how can it be done in education, the workforce and the economy?

As part of CGTN's continuing focus on poverty alleviation, this week on The Agenda with Stephen Cole we look at empowering women.

Women are still more likely than men to live in poverty. They're more likely to have to live outside the education system and outside the labor force and more likely to have to care for children and other family members.

The Covid pandemic has also disproportionately affected women – with one report suggesting it has delayed the closure of the gender gap worldwide by an entire generation.

So, what can be done to empower women, give them truly equal opportunities and help the millions of them living in poverty to improve their lives?

On this edition of The Agenda, Stephen Cole speaks to Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, eminent scientist and former President of Mauritius about the importance of education, and how to ensure the lockdown generation of women isn't lost to the world of work.

He also hears from Guy Ryder – Director-General of the International Labour Organization, who insists that only a complete overhaul of the way the world approaches social care can really allow all women to thrive.

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