Creating opportunity cannot mean more burden on women: Pathfinders
Updated 18:00, 13-Sep-2021
Duncan Hooper


Li Xiaoyun has dedicated his career to researching ways out of the poverty trap as one of the most well-respected authorities on the subject in China.

However, his work has gone far beyond just study. In the field, he has led projects to put into effect the economic opportunities he has discovered.

One such project is in Hebian village in Yunnan province, where farmers have been encouraged to supplement and balance their incomes with earnings from hosting urban tourists.

The village has attracted business conferences and events, bringing additional opportunities to market local produce on top of the benefits of hosting visitors. 

Li says in planning the project he has focused on ensuring efforts to empower women do not backfire by placing further burdens on them.

"One particular challenge that arises along the way is that programs that intend to empower women usually end up always generating additional workload for women.

"If we cannot solve this challenge, poverty cannot be eliminated ,since women are more prone to poverty."

This monovlog is part of the Pathfinders series from front-line experts describing their work finding routes out of poverty. You can find more of CGTN's coverage of the issue at

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