Poverty and the digital divide: Pathfinders
Duncan Hooper


As a student, Xu Kexuan was accustomed to relying on technology as an integral part of her education. The arrival of the pandemic, though, put a spotlight on the other side of the equation as schools moved online, leaving behind those who could not afford devices or connections to take part.

Xu saw an opportunity to address a longstanding problem by matching companies' stocks of surplus technology with schools in deprived areas. However, she also discovered that sourcing equipment was not enough.

"I have seen some sad things that we are still trying to solve because it is exactly those same places that need technology aid, that don't know how to use it. And so we should not only deliver the devices, we should also deliver knowledge of how to use them."

In her monovlog above she explains the challenge she set out to overcome and the solutions she discovered along the way.

CGTN Europe's Pathfinders series looks at some of the obstacles to leading the world away from poverty from the perspective of those who have dedicated their energy to the challenge. It is part of the Innovation, Action, Change project.

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