The long march, vaccine variations and water-resistant concrete: RAZOR full episode

A record-breaking group of Chinese elephants who captivated the world with their journey out of their nature reserve are now back on their home patch. 

Neil Cairns speaks to Becky Shu Chen, from the Asian Elephant Specialist Group, about why they're heading home, the challenges they face on their journey and the importance of ensuring animal-human coexistence going forward.


Vaccines you can inhale

Scientists around the world are constantly looking for new methods to keep up and respond to a rapidly changing novel SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

Vaccines have been a huge success but their global rollout has been slow and not equitable. 

To combat this, CanSino Biologics in China have developed an inhaled version of their COVID-19 vaccine, which has had early success in clinical trials. Two inhaled doses of the vaccine, given 28 days apart, produced a similar level of protection, measured by neutralizing antibodies, to those of a single injection. 

It's hoped that this technology will overcome some of the logistical challenges of a global vaccine rollout, giving more people protection more rapidly.


Water-resistant concrete

And with extensive exposure to air, rain and pollution, concrete structures tend to get dirty, discolored and fractured. 

But scientists in China have created the cement of the future to help keep buildings safe. Tech it Out's Yang Zhao talks to Xu Xin, from the University of Science and Technology of China, about the innovation that is water-resistant concrete. 


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