What are the four key modern achievements of the Communist Party of China?


On July 1, the Communist Party of China (CPC) turns 100 years old. In that time, the country has undergone a dramatic transformation, from the Japanese occupation to rapid economic development and modernization.

To mark this history, Jean-Christophe von Pfetten, a former French diplomat and expert on Chinese politics, has looked back on what he thought were the party's key achievements. 

He said the CPC was able to bring stability to China, tackle crises such as the SARS crisis in 2003, and had brought "pride back to the Chinese people." 

But he added that the most important achievement was its attempt to defeat poverty. 

"I would like to underline one I feel is the most important achievement of the CPC in China, which is to have succeeded in the total eradication of poverty," he said.

"This is extremely important: 770 million Chinese people have been taken out of poverty since 1978, since the Opening-up policy. And this is a real miracle."

Image credit: CFP 

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