Rewilding Eels and Blood Snow: Full Razor Episode

The once-common European Eel is critically endangered. Over the past 40 years, the number of juvenile eels in European rivers has fallen by over 90%, largely due to more than million weirs and dams that block their migratory paths. In the UK, however, successful collaboration between conservation groups, fisheries and local enforcement is starting to turn the tide for eels. Razor's Emma Keeling travels to Gloucester, England to meet the people on the frontline in the battle to save the species. 

Antarctica is truly on the frontline of climate change. Scientists based there are able to observe fluctuations in the weather and changing landscapes close up. So, when the snow began to turn an apocalyptic blood red around the Ukraine's Verdansky Research station, they were in a unique position to solve the mystery. Shini Somara talks to one of an intrepid group of scientists who live and work in the tiny and remote Vernadsky Research station to find out more.

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