Costing the Earth - The Agenda with Stephen Cole

As governments around the world set up increasingly tough green targets, it's becoming equally clear that investment in saving the planet is also going to increase.

A new report from the UN Environment Programme, the World Economic Forum and the Economics of Land Degradation has put a figure on that increase.

It says that investments in nature-based solutions are going to have to treble by 2030 – from a base of $133b right now.

So, this week on The Agenda, Stephen will look at who's likely to foot the bill to save the planet.

Justin Adams, Director of Nature-Based Solutions at the WEF joins Stephen to talk through the report – and the worrying statistic that, currently, just 14 percent of investment in nature-based solutions comes from private companies.

Concerns over private companies' interest in such solutions have led to a rise in the number of Sustainability consultants. Armen Dallakyan is the Director of sustainable finance consulting at KEN Associates, and he tells Stephen about the growing demand for his services.

And Stephen speaks to Richard Lancaster, CEO of electricity supply company CLP Holdings about how a company can ensure every part of its business is fully sustainable, and why managers and investors alike are finally starting to realise sustainability is no longer something which is done just for show.

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