Explainer: Switching to electric cars
The Agenda

From ditching diesel and making batteries to converting infrastructure, turning off the internal combustion engine ignition and switching to electric will transform the car industry. 

In this explainer, The Agenda's Stephen Cole explores the challenges facing the accelerating global effort towards an electric-car future.


Volvo's recently-appointed Chief Financial Officer Björn Annwall tells Stephen Cole how the Swedish car manufacturer plans to make electric-only vehicles by its 2030 deadline, as well as the challenge of convincing EV-hesitant consumers.

Senior Advisor to the Regulatory Assistance Project Jaap Burger explains that the rate of growth for the electric car industry is reliant on sufficient investment in infrastructure. 

Gerard Barron, CEO and Chairman of DeepGreen (soon to be known as The Metals Company) tells Stephen Cole there are enough battery metals on the seabed to power a global electric transport system.

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