Movie industry buoyed by Easter revival, Tesla's value soars $50bn on record EV deliveries
Patrick Atack in London

Not all superheroes wear capes, but Hollywood might have been "saved" by a bumper weekend of ticket sales for the newest blockbuster… Godzilla Vs Kong. Ticket sales amounted to nearly $50 million over just the first two days. 

Elsewhere, French business tycoon, sports team owner and one-time government minister Bernard Tapie was injured this week when burglars ransacked his home outside Paris and beat the former Olympique Marseille owner and his wife. 

And after all the good news around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the UK's chief prosecutor Max Hill said he expects fraud and crypto-scams to hit the courts in a big way in 2021. 

That's not all folks, scroll down for an interview on vaccine passports and to find out where camping became more popular during the pandemic!

Patrick Atack,

Digital business correspondent 

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The French government has reached an outline deal with the European Commission over a refinancing package for Air France-KLM. Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire hasn't given details but confirmed talks are ongoing. Air France-KLM received $12.2 billion in government-backed loans to offset the impact of COVID-19.

The retail sector is showing signs of recovery, as the S&P 500 stock index (the benchmark for U.S. equity traders) trended upwards. 

Meanwhile, markets were very welcoming to Tesla's disclosure that its deliveries in Q1 had outstretched its own estimates. Approximately $50 billion has been added to the electric car brand's value. Traders swung the other way regarding GameStop, however. After announcing it could sell upwards of $1 billion in extra shares, its price slipped. 

LG, the Seoul-based electronics and tech firm, said it will close its loss-making smartphone arm, after struggling to compete with rivals such as Samsung and Huawei. Instead, the company will focus on the lucrative electric vehicles components field. 

With 90 percent of U.S. cinemas now reopened, it was hoped the Easter weekend would help revive the industry. And early ticket sales for the blockbuster Godzilla Vs Kong suggest it may well have done so. At least $48.5 million was received from ticket sales over the weekend for just that film. 

The UK's chief prosecutor, director of the Crown Prosecution Service Max Hill, said cryptocurrency-linked scams have more than doubled in the past year, and he expects many more to come to court in 2021. Victims lost more than $100m to criminals promoting cryptocurrency investment scams last year. 

Deliveroo may be a market leader in app-based food delivery, but it lost billions within hours of listing on the London markets. Supper is a competitor that thinks high-end food and treating drivers like salaried staff can win over the sector. And with users spending an average of $100, rather than $20 with rivals, it's clear to see why. 

A pharmaceutical factory in Baltimore, U.S. which had previously supplied both AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccines, will now only operate for J&J after a mix-up ruined 15 million doses of the crucial jab. J&J added it was bolstering the workforce at the plant to cut down on human errors. 

China last year attracted $520.6 billion of foreign investment, up by 81 percent from 2019, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) said in a report. In 2020, China's securities market recorded net inflows of overseas funds totaling $254.7 billion, a surge of 73 percent year-on-year, SAFE data showed.

Fisheries in northeast China are developing green farming methods, with the hope of increasing their yield. "The Yalu River's water quality has reached level two of the national drinking water standards. "We have also picked the strongest fish for breeding over 16 years and improved their survival rate, so we don't need to use any antibiotics," said Luo Zhicheng, a manager behind the project. 

U.S. President Joe Biden would be willing to push through his $2 trillion infrastructure plan without the support of Republican lawmakers if he cannot reach a bipartisan deal, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said. Granholm said Biden would prefer that his plan has Republican backing but, if that does not work, he would likely support using a procedural strategy called reconciliation to allow Democrats to pass it in the Senate.


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Tal Schneider, a journalist at the Times of Israel, spoke to CGTN Europe about how well the COVID-19 passport has worked there. 

It's been controlled in restaurants, bars, concert halls, theaters. But one place it's not really working is shopping malls... and pharmacies.You cannot really exclude people from going into a pharmacy, in the shopping mall. So in a shopping mall nobody is really checking on that.


How do Israelis access the pass? 

You take it from the Ministry of Health website, you can download it on your phone through WhatsApp or through email.


What's the public reaction been?

We have had a two-week vacation for Passover and you've seen people outdoors everywhere and people indoors everywhere. 

One point which is weird, though, is that kids under the age of 16 cannot get vaccinated. And then places such as evening dining or sports halls, people under the age of 16 cannot participate unless they were infected with COVID-19. And they have a certificate that proves they were already recovered. But if they are not vaccinated, they cannot go.


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