What drives an entrepreneur? Scott Omelianuk says having an idea is key

"They all have an idea. They all believe wholly in their idea," Scott Omelianuk, editor in chief of Inc. magazine, says about what makes an entrepreneur. 

His publication aims to inspire current and future entrepreneurs and to give the rest of us some insight into just what makes them tick.

Omelianuk describes himself as an "underachieving entrepreneur," but he knows exactly what a successful one looks like: "They're clever and resourceful in how to bring that idea to light. And they don't take 'no' very easily… they're willing to face lots of challenges, willing to see lots of doors slammed in their face and still move forward," he tells The Agenda with Stephen Cole. 

And if you're sitting there now with what you think could be a billion-dollar idea – he says there are a few key questions you need to ask yourself: "Is the infrastructure to support my idea in place? Is the consumer of the mind to take advantage of my idea right now?" he says.  

And, perhaps most importantly: "Are investors interested in solving this problem?"


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