Are entrepreneurs born or made?
The Agenda

Are entrepreneurs born or made? Do we all have the potential to be a Bill Gates, an Elon Musk or an Oprah Winfrey?

One woman who thinks the basics of entrepreneurship can indeed be taught is Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj, associate professor in entrepreneurial leadership at Henley Business School. "We're seeing more and more research in terms of neuroscience, that shows us the characteristics such as creativity are skills that can be taught and nurtured," she told The Agenda with Stephen Cole.

Janjuha-Jivraj believes the world of the entrepreneur is beginning to undergo a paradigm shift. "We are starting to see a new trend of collaborative entrepreneurship," she said. "Having conviction in your thinking and your vision is really important because you're going to have to get people onto the journey with you."

This is something which she believes will only intensify in the post-pandemic era.

She told Cole: "We will not go back to business as usual and we have to shift our thinking away from talking about the new normal to talking about the next normal, because the shock we've experienced as a result of the pandemic will bring further waves of change to being entrepreneurial."

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