European countries mark Epiphany despite COVID-19 regulations
Edna Mohamed


Despite COVID-19 restrictions, many continued to mark Epiphany across Europe.

In Bulgaria, a crowd of 100 men jumped into the icy Tundzha river to celebrate the Orthodox Christian ritual commemorating the baptism of Jesus Christ, marking the end of the 12 days of Christmas.

It is believed the person who retrieves the wooden cross in the river will be healthy all year and be free from bad spirits.



But, while worshippers continued practicing the tradition across the country, the mayor of Kalofer, Bulgaria, did not enter the river and decided to follow coronavirus regulations instead.

Romania and Greece both commemorated the day, but celebrations were limited to control the spread of the coronavirus.

In Romania, some towns adapted the tradition with authorities allowing up to 3,000 people with face masks to attend open-air services.

Meanwhile, in Greece, worshippers flocked to Churches, which held processions despite government restrictions urging places of worship to remain shut. 

Source(s): AFP

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