Creating a network of wildflower insect pathways: RAZOR full episode

In this week's episode of RAZOR we find out about bee friendly corridors and how scientists are searching for clues about the origins of life.

Buglife is a UK-wide organization dedicated to the conservation of bees, pollinators and all other invertebrates. Of the UK's 270 bee species, 126 are now listed as scarce with 17 at risk of extinction. Much of this is down to habitat loss. B-lines is a nationwide initiative, bringing together a myriad of conservation and volunteering groups to create an interconnected system of wildflower insect pathways across the UK. RAZOR's Jo Colan is in Peterborough to meet Buglife's Paul Hetherington.

Just outside Oxford is an extraordinary machine, the UK's synchrotron. Inside this massive building electrons are accelerated to near the speed of light creating a type of giant microscope which allows scientists to examine matter in minute detail, revealing the atomic structure of the world around us. The first solid matter known to have ever formed was cosmic dust. Researchers are recreating cosmic dust in their lab to analyse it and ask some big old questions about the origins of life.

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