'We can wash germs off 1,000 times a day. But for many, water is a luxury'

A lack of knowledge and education about how to deal with water security is one of the key issues behind a looming water crisis. Many organizations around the world though are working to correct that.

Konstantia Toli is the Senior Programme officer for the Global Water Partnership for the Mediterranean. She tells Stephen Cole that one of the biggest problems is that in the developed world simply too many people take water for granted – 

"The pandemic is a good example – in the developed world we had access to safe water to wash our hands a thousand times a day if we wanted. But 2.1 billion people who lack access to safe water can't take it for granted."

And she says education is the key to changing that attitude – "Children need to be taught to value water for all that it offers…it's not only sustaining our life, but also sustaining ecosystems. It's sustaining economic activities. So, we need to do more at schools and also educate the parents."