Water Security - The Agenda with Stephen Cole

As the world's population continues to expand, and climate change bites harder across the globe, access to water has never been a bigger issue.

The United Nations has declared that everyone on earth should have access to clean water and sustainable sanitation by 2030 – 2.5 billion people currently don't.

But given the current issues surrounding water security, is that really possible? And what do we need to do to make it happen? Those are the questions we address on this episode of The Agenda with Stephen Cole.

One key issue is water theft. Water is taken by those it doesn't belong to on a literally industrial scale. One new report suggests that 50 to 70 percent of the world's clean water is stolen. We speak to the report's author: Adam Loch, Centre for Global Food & Resources at the University of Adelaide.

Stephen also speaks to Piers Clark, the founder & Chair of Isle Utilities. He tells us how we all need to manage our water resources more effectively – and outlines some of the breakthrough technologies that could help solve the world's water crisis.

Water could also be the cause of the next global migrant crisis. Steve Killelea, Entrepreneur & Founder of the Institute for Economics and Peace details the shocking report from his organization which suggests more than a billion people could be forced from their homes by water shortages by 2050.

And finally, Stephen speaks to Konstantina Toli, Senior Programme Officer, Global Water Partnership-Mediterranean who tells us why education is key if we are to end the problem of water security.