Home offices to accommodate colleagues? Top architect says coronavirus rethinks needed
Updated 01:45, 13-Oct-2020
The Agenda


Lockdowns around the world continue to force many people to work from home and to observe strict social distancing if they do return to the office. That's not to mention new behaviors in shops, gyms, cinemas and other areas of public life. 

It's clear the demands of society on buildings is changing, but Patrik Schumacher, the principal at Zaha Hadid Architects, thinks it's an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurial freedom for the world's designers.

Redesigning office spaces is one of the key challenges of the coming years. That involves making them more social spaces, with fewer desks for "head-down" working, Schumacher said. 

He also noted that redesigning offices now also means redesigning homes: "We need to inflate our homes, have work spaces, internal office spaces. And I was wondering even if we must allow [for] employees coming to your home," he told The Agenda with Stephen Cole.