Building The Future: The Agenda with Stephen Cole
The Agenda


That the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live is no longer open to question. But the long-term impact it might have on our lives is far less certain, not just in terms of our health and the global economy, but in terms of the design of our homes, our offices and our leisure spaces.

On The Agenda with Stephen Cole this week we consider whether the need for socially-distanced design is a temporary measure, or a permanent change to the way we live as we to look towards BUILDING THE FUTURE.

We talk to Patrik Schumacher, principal at Zaha Hadid Architects – the company behind Beijing's new airport and the London 2012 Olympics Aquatic Center, amongst many others – to find out exactly what effect COVID-19 will have on his future plans.

And as lockdown forces billions of us around the world to change the way we live, Sorbonne University's Professor Carlos Moreno – the man who is driving the concept of the "15-minute city" – tells us why in the city of the future, everything people need will be just a short walk away.