"Be part of the solution, not the pollution" - CEO 'The Plastic Bank'

Recycling has an important part to play in reducing plastic waste around the world.

But one of the key issues is that at least 2 billion people, largely in developing countries, have no real access to any kind of recycling facilities.

David Katz, recipient of many environmental awards, including The UN Lighthouse Award for Planetary Health and the Paris Climate Conference Sustania award, decided something needed to be done to address this – and so in 2015 he founded The Plastic Bank.

He explains to Stephen how it works, as well as making it abundantly clear that if we are to prevent an environmental plastic catastrophe, big businesses across the globe need not only to improve their actions in future, but look to repair the damage they've done in the past.

For him – it's all about being part of the solution, not the pollution.