Shopping became "highlight of the day" for consumers during lockdown

From the boom in online shopping to consumers being more frugal with their money - there's no doubt that lock-down has transformed the way consumers behave.

How can retailers reimagine their business models to make their brands relevant in this new environment? Stephen speaks to Joe McDonnell, the Head of Insight at WGSN who says the future of retail is digital, ethical and much more hygienic.

"The main change has been the pivot towards E-Commerce. We've seen consumers who wouldn't usually shop online choosing to shop online, mainly due to the necessity.

"When they're not shopping online, one of the few reasons people have been allowed to leave their house during lock-down around the world is to go shopping - it's become a highlight of their day and as a result people have become more considered about what they're buying..."

Joe also reveals the latest technology being adopted by retailers:

"AR (augmented reality) - this idea you can use your camera to try on a lipstick and then order that lipstick."