A couple's local gin-making journey takes them to France
The Agenda

Once considered old-fashioned, gin has now become a go-to tipple for people of all generations – but there are still gaps in the market.

Justin and Anna Matterson realized there wasn't a locally-made vodka or gin distillery in the region of Provence, southern France – so they opened their own, using popular local ingredients including lavender, rosé, lemons and rosemary. 

Although their launch was poorly timed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they've been able to adapt their business by targeting an online market. This means they've continued to make progress throughout 2020. 

On The Agenda With Stephen Cole, the two pioneers explained why they feel it's important to involve the people of Provence in their decision-making. 

"We wanted to embed ourselves in the community," Justin explained. "Whether we get the investment back depends on how successful we can be, but it was set up to create something with longevity."