Could fishermen struggle after Brexit amid potential UK water bans?
Updated 00:50, 04-Aug-2020
The Agenda

When Michel Barnier, the EU's Chief Negotiator dined in London with David Frost, EU advisor to the UK Prime Minister, fish was on the menu in more ways than one. After warnings of post-Brexit clashes at sea the Agenda's Stephen Cole explains why some fishing crews are worried that even small changes to current rules could lead to profits drying up. 

The current EU's Common Fisheries Policy gives European fishermen equal access to EU waters by only allowing boats to fish in certain areas for certain lengths of times. 

But some argue that the fishing area around the UK is more advantageous than fishing in smaller areas elsewhere. 

The current fishing deal between the EU and the UK entitles EU boats  to more than 60 percent of overall landings from seas across the UK. 

But, with the UK leaving the EU, it wants to give more priority to its own fishing boats, so what does that mean for those in the European Union? 

Video graphics: Carmela Joannou