Bringing fractured communities together through conflict resolution
The Agenda

Each global conflict presents a unique set of circumstances, but certain lessons can be learnt when warring factions put down their weapons and look to bring peace to their fractured communities.

Jake Lynch, associate professor at the University of Sydney, and Dylan Matthews, CEO of Peace Direct, joined Stephen Cole on The Agenda to discuss the key elements required for successful conflict resolution. 

Matthews, who is currently involved in bringing peace to Sri Lanka after 25 years of civil war, explains why investing in infrastructure and technology is essential but must be coupled with a genuine attempt to redress grievances.

"It isn't simply a case of building a road, it isn't simply a case of providing jobs, it's actually about psycho-social care," said Matthews. "Sometimes, it can be as simple as finding a safe space for a fractured community to come together."

Watch our video as the guests cover the negotiations that are taking place in Northern Ireland, Syria and Sri Lanka and debate the techniques employed for long-term reconciliation.