Pandemic fight continues in Germany as R-rate rises dramatically
Daniel Harries

The renewed lockdown measures in a German region where hundreds of coronavirus cases sprung up at a slaughterhouse provided a stark reminder that the fight against the pandemic is far from over. 

The slaughterhouse cases led to a dramatic increase in the coronavirus's reproduction rate (or R-rate) in Germany, according to the nation's health authorities. 

Germany has reimposed some lockdown restrictions in North Rhine-Westphalia state after more than 1,550 people tested positive for coronavirus at the Toennies slaughterhouse in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck. Thousands more workers and their family members were put into quarantine to try to halt the outbreak.

North Rhine-Westphalia president Armin Laschet said people in Guetersloh and parts of a neighboring county will now face the same restrictions that Germany used in March and April, including curbs on social gatherings and bar closures.

Video editor: David Bamford.

Source(s): AP