Metal fence cuts town in two on Slovenia/Italy border amid COVID-19
Updated 01:45, 07-Jun-2020
Aden-Jay Wood


The rules of lockdown in the COVID-19 pandemic have divided many families and communities, but for one small town on the Italy-Slovenia border they're embodied in a metal fence.

Inhabitants of Nova Gorica, which straddles the border, are currently divided by controls designed to slow the spread of the virus.

Friends and family who would usually meet in a café or bar, are now waving to each other from either side of the fence.

Slovenian police, who are manning the border, are instructing people in vehicles with Italian number plates to turn around and head back into Italy as the risk of a second wave still remains.

There is however a 'window of kisses' in the middle of the fence where a hole has been cut for people to see each other without the metal bars getting in the way.

As both countries' new cases and deaths continue to drop, the hope for citizens of Nova Gorica is that the whole town can be one again at some point soon.

Video editing: Terry Wilson