COVID-19: Open Skies (The Agenda in Full)

With airlines racing to make planes pandemic-proof and others file for bankruptcy, The Agenda's Stephen Cole finds out how flights will function in a post-COVID-19 age. He also asks if government financial support is the only way to save commercial aircraft from being permanently grounded.

Joining Stephen Cole from Helsinki is Topi Manner who became CEO of Finnair only last year. Despite the pandemic and a recent 99% drop in passenger numbers, he tells Stephen he has long-term optimism about the air travel industry.

Also on The Agenda this week is Alexandre de Juniac. Director General and CEO of global trade body the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Stephen Cole asks what measures it is implementing to keep planes in the air and to promote fairness in this competitive industry of government-funded and commercial airlines.

With more than 30 years' experience working in the aviation industry, Air Transport Consultant John Strickland tells Stephen Cole the airline industry has no choice but to rethink its business model to be sustainable and resilient enough for any future challenges.