Vaccine volunteer excited at 'chance to save lives' in clinical trials
The Agenda

Coronavirus vaccine volunteer Wu Xiaohong says the "chance to save lives" was the reason she put herself forward for clinical trials.

Wu, who lives in Wuhan, said she first read information about vaccine trials early last month and she was "excited" at the chance to be able to do something to help. She also passed on the details to her son Lu Genglin who has also stepped forward for the testing.

Speaking from the initial epicenter of the outbreak, Wu said she was surprised at how fast clinical trials have started.

"The first stage of clinical trials have finished successfully, I guess everyone of us will be very happy by the progress" she said, adding "I have great confidence in the medical research team.

"If the vaccine could be a success it maybe one of the most powerful weapons against the disease and therefore many people's lives would be saved," Wu told Stephen Cole in an interview for The Agenda. 


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