Speed of vaccine trials is 'unprecedented'
Updated 22:54, 06-May-2020
The Agenda

With more than 100 vaccines in development around the world to fight COVID-19, the race is on to find one that works as quickly as possible.

But how does that work? And how can we squeeze a process that normally takes ten years into a matter of months? 

Jerome Kim, director general of the International Vaccines Institute, explains the science, development, production, and distribution behind vaccines - laying out the likely roadmap we will have to follow to beat the new coronavirus.

Take a deep dive with one of the world's leading vaccination experts into how scientists, pharmaceutical companies and politicians could sign off on a global vaccine in under a year and the hurdles we face in getting it to as many people as possible worldwide. 


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[This article was updated on 06/05/2020 to remove incorrect references to the relationship between the IVI and the UN]