COVID-passports: EU searches for ways to save the tourism industry
Daniel Harries

As summer approaches in the northern hemisphere, the European Union (EU) is desperately discussing measures to save the bloc's tourism industry, which is in crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Europe, which accounts for around half of the world's tourist arrivals, has been brought to a standstill amid the coronavirus and the EU fears losses of up to €400 billion ($435 billion) for this vital sector.

The industry's woes were highlighted when the EU's industry chief, Thierry Breton, promised to convene a summit on reviving it. 

At a virtual meeting on Monday, the bloc's tourism ministers discussed how to help shelter a sector ravaged by lockdowns. Measures discussed included a tourism corridor and so-called "COVID-passports," that would allow those either without the virus, or with a level of immunity to it, to travel. 

Cover image: A man wears a mask to protect against the spread of the coronavirus in a street close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. /AP Photo/Michel Euler