Sport in lockdown: The Agenda in full
The Agenda

COVID-19 has pulled down shutters of stadiums, postponing – and in some cases cancelling – events around the world. For the Olympics, gold has been put on hold. Football clubs want to give coronavirus the red card and the rugby world wants to send it to the sin bin. 

In this edition of The Agenda, Stephen Cole looks across the sporting world and speaks to some of its biggest players to ask them how they're taking on their toughest opponent yet.

Sebastian Coe, President of World Athletics tells Stephen Cole that postponing the Olympic Games was the "right decision" and says "sport needs to take a back seat" during this pandemic. 

Paul Barber, chief executive and deputy chair of Brighton and Hove Albion FC, tells Stephen Cole that COVID-19's effect on football is "the worst crisis in 25 years" of his involvement in the professional game. 

Simon Chadwick, professor at the Centre for the Eurasian Sport Industry, explains how the world of sport is in a COVID-19 concussion, with many economic predictions underestimating the true cost by failing to include areas like merchandisers and equipment suppliers. 

Emily Scarratt, England rugby international, speaks to us from her family farm which she's converted into a barn for training. She tells Stephen Cole she is optimistic about post-lockdown life for rugby as she believes clubs will be supported by fans with a huge appetite for socializing and the outdoors.

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