Download Shini Somara special: RAZOR full episode

In this special RAZOR episode, Shini Somara takes a look back at her experiences of some of the most impressive scientific innovations that the RAZOR team has come across.

Tracing the origins and ethos behind the show, Somara talks about the many joys of working in the field and exploring the cutting edge of today's technologies, but also the challenges the team has faced while unpicking topics such as the daunting underworld of dark matter.

Here, Somara gives a personal account of what it's like to experience such groundbreaking science up close, from battling with quantum computing to putting on a 1,000-horsepower jetpack.

Jumping from the philosophy of Occam's razor, the show's namesake, to today's latest scientific breakthroughs, take a ride through RAZOR's recent history to understand how the show manages to keep its finger on technology's ever-changing pulse. 

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