The world vs COVID-19: 'I've never seen such good global cooperation,' medical expert tells The Agenda
The Agenda

Karol Sikora, the dean of medicine at the University of Buckingham, says he's never seen a better example of international cooperation by the medical and scientific community during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, the professor told Stephen Cole on The Agenda, it can be difficult for countries to help each other when they are at different stages of the outbreak. He also explained the consequences of prioritizing hospital beds for COVID-19 patients:

"The two groups of patients that are really being hurt by this outside coronavirus are cancer patients and people with cardiological problems. Most are not 'emergencies' in the sense that you don't need to do something tomorrow, but you need to get on with it.

"If it's only a month's delay we can cope… As long as we can recover from that quickly that will be ok. If not, we're going to be stuck with a backlog which is difficult to clear."

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