COVID-19: International Cooperation (The Agenda in full)

The world is at war, only this time countries aren't fighting each other, they're all fighting an individual battle against an invisible enemy: COVID-19, more commonly known as Coronavirus.

With each part of the world at different stages of the COVID-19 crisis cooperation is difficult. Each country is learning from each other, whether it's saving hospitals from exceeding capacity or how to balance saving lives with saving the economy.

The Agenda with Stephen Cole speaks to medical and economic experts from around the world to find out how different countries are approaching this pandemic and asks who is getting it right?

Professor Karol Sikora is Dean at the University of Buckingham Medical School and tells Stephen Cole the main problem preventing cooperation is that countries are in different phases.

Dr Michel Yao is Program Manager for Emergency Response in Africa and Head of WHO Office Central African Republic. He says WHO Africa is responsible for 47 sub-Saharan countries so coordination is key.

Explaining the economic impact this pandemic is having on the world is Professor Richard Baldwin, co-author of 'Mitigating the COVID-19 Crisis: Act fact and Do Whatever It Takes'. He calls the situation a COVID-concussion for economies.

Zuo Zongyou from the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA),  has been helping to explain and share the information given by a medical team from Shandong Province, China.