'We have the same enemy': What China's medics taught UK – The Agenda
The Agenda

In the spirit of international cooperation, 15 medical professionals from Shandong province in China have traveled to the UK with 23 tons of supplies to help fight COVID-19. The experts and doctors specialize in disease and outbreak control.

Zuo Zongyou is from the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) and has been helping to explain and share the information given by the medical team. He told Stephen Cole how their advice on symptoms, prevention and treatment – particularly around breathing complications – would help medical staff treat patients more efficiently.

"When the virus broke out in Wuhan, we donated from CSSA – but now we need help ourselves," Zuo explained. "What's most badly needed to help promote cooperation is trust. We have the same enemy. If we work together and trust each other we can create a better world for the future."

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