Europe applauds care workers at frontline of COVID-19 battle
Updated 01:12, 09-Apr-2020
Nilay Syam

Europeans have come together to show their appreciation for healthcare workers who are in a relentless battle against COVID-19.

People across the continent have come out on to balconies, looked out of windows and gathered on the doorstep of their homes to clap for medical professionals and key workers.

From Brussels and Barcelona to Belgrade, church bells, sirens, car horns and pots and pans have been used to express gratitude for the regular shows of support.

Europe has been in the grip of the pandemic for weeks as the coronavirus swept through cities and villages, infecting and killing thousands.

Patients requiring immediate attention have overwhelmed intensive care units at hospitals across the continent with doctors and nursing staff often putting their own lives at risk to save others.

Video producer: Pedro Duarte