Life under lockdown: How to give yourself a quarantine haircut
Updated 16:41, 05-Apr-2020
Giulia Carbonaro

With around 20 percent of the world population now under lockdown to curb the global spread of COVID-19, life has changed for millions of people. Things that belonged to our normal routines - getting a coffee at our favorite cafe, going to the gym, getting a haircut at a salon - are now temporarily off-limits.

With lots of free time and no other place to be than their own homes, many under lockdown are trying their hands at things they never had the chance - or the need - to test themselves at before. One example is cutting their own hair.

Videos of people's DIY haircuts are taking over social media, with users showing off their worst and best experiments.

"I hope people won't get their mums to cut their hair with a bowl, or end up with an accidental mullet," says Denise Bender, a hairdresser and stylist who owns her own hair salon - now closed - in Frankfurt, Germany.  

Either out of boredom or real necessity, if you decide to try your hand at cutting your own hair at home, here's the tips from the experts on the best way to do it - (hopefully) without major regrets afterwards.



Equipment: What you'll need

First of all, you're going to need a good pair of scissors. Hairdressers use specific ones, but unless you already have these at home, just make sure that the ones you are using are still sharp.

Get yourself a comb and a brush, and according to your needs and the length of your hair, you might also need a razor or a trimmer.

If you need to touch up your color, you should get your regular hair dye, a towel to put around your shoulders, a bowl to mix the color, and gloves.


How to trim your fringe 

Experts suggest to do this with dry hair, because wet or damp hair won't show you a realistic length. If you've never had a fringe before and this is your first time cutting one, learn from the collective experience and accept that this doesn't always turn out well. 

Riccardo Soru, hairdresser and barber in Cagliari, Italy, believes cutting a fringe right is all about being precise and patient: "Go slow – rushing is not going to help you."

Soru closed his salon before the official lockdown was announced in Italy, feeling that it was the safest thing to do. He's now locked down at home with his family, and has to wait until his son falls asleep to show us, with his wife acting as a model, how to cut a fringe.

"First thing: part your hair in the middle," he says, demonstrating as he does. "Then create a triangle.

"As a reference, start from three-quarters of the eyebrows - this is very important, because if you go beyond that, you're ruining it."

He suggests using hair clips to keep the rest of your hair tidy, so as to focus only on the part you want to cut.

"One important thing: don't pull the fringe down, or you risk cutting it too short. So, comb the hair and then cut it below the eyebrows, so you're sure not to make mistakes."


How to touch up your color

For those who are used to dying their hair at the salon, learning how to do a bit of color maintenance at home might turn useful during lockdown. Though the results won't be the same as when a professional is on the job, Bender gave us her best tips on how to color your roots. 

"First, brush your hair, put a towel over your shoulders, put on gloves and mix the color in a bowl," says Bender.

"Put enough color on the brush and start from your natural parting line. Don't save up color: more is better."

The process consists of meticulously applying the color to your roots, continuously parting the hair in different sections until you have your whole head covered. The back of the head would be the hardest part to cover, so using two mirrors might help. Bender offers reassurance: "Don't worry if it's not perfect, nobody will notice."

The time it takes for the hair dye to work might vary from 30 minutes to an hour, so make sure you follow the instruction of your stylist (if you're in touch with them online) or the instructions in the hair dye kit box.

"Wash your hair twice and put on a conditioner to neutralize your hair, then you can style it," concludes Bender. 


How to trim your beard

Showing off a very well-trimmed beard himself, Soru gives CGTN tips on how to take care of your beard under lockdown. "Certainly you'll need it," he says.

"First of all, brush your beard," he starts, a professional brush in his hands. "Then, with scissors or with the trimmer, move your beard back, and start cutting freehand. Do one side first, then the other.

"Leave the chin and moustache to last. Comb your moustache downward and follow the shape of the lips," says Soru, the scissor following the movement of his hand. "Same thing with the trimmer. Maybe with the trimmer is even easier."

Soru has launched a social media contest on his hair salon's Instagram profile, encouraging his clients to share with him their best styling and haircuts during the quarantine. The winner will get a free haircut once the lockdown is lifted.

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