'You're in our hearts': Europe shows solidarity with COVID-19 victims
Thomas Wintle

Representatives from Europe's Confucius institutes shared their sympathies and solidarity with the victims of COVID-19, sending out a special message of compassion to people around the world affected by the coronavirus. 

Rune Ingebrigtsen, director of Norway's Confucius Institute in Bergen, said: "To all those suffering from the virus, hold on and 'Jiayou'," which translates as "go strong" in English. 

His colleague in Germany, Christina Werum-Wang, who is the executive director of the Confucius Institute in Frankfurt, told those watching: "We wish our friends in China and our Chinese friends in Germany all the best, that the crisis can quickly be overcome, and we have you in our hearts."

Messages of support to coronavirus-stricken China have been sent from all over the world as the epidemic continues to have an impact on the the global community.