Coronavirus: 'Quarantine is essential to contain the viral infection'
By Giulia Carbonaro

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, what do we know about the spreading of the infection?

CGTN Europe asked David Carrington, consultant virologist at St George's Hospital London. 

"We have excellent data coming from China that have been shared within the international community," said Carrington.

"We know that there are 52 cases out there in the world that have been exported and of course the 6,000 cases reported from China itself. So we know a lot about the numbers, what we need to understand is a bit more about the virus and how it actually spreads."

The best thing we can do with the information we have right now, according to Carrington, is isolating the people who show symptoms of the infection.

"Quarantine is essential in trying to contain the viral infection," said Carrington.

Isolating symptomatic people during the incubation period is vital to avoid the spread. 

"What we need are containment measures, so respiratory hygiene, hand hygiene, good infection prevention procedures to allow this virus to be killed and disposed of without it spreading out of that containment area."