One day soon your phone could tell if you have cancer: RAZOR
Updated 00:44, 31-Jan-2020
Guy Henderson in Copenhagen

Skin cancer can be treated relatively easily as long as it is identified early.

If not, it can be deadly as the disease can quickly move to colonize vital organs.

Right now, the only reliable way to check for the warning signs is a trip to a doctor for an assessment of skin marks and pigmentation.

However, mobile phones are now able to perform a service using AI that can be used alongside physical trips to a surgery.

The Miiskin app, developed in Denmark, allows users to take a photo of their moles and skin.

The app can track changes over time and provide reassurance or support. It is constantly learning and while the technology cannot replace a human doctor, one day it could handle some tasks by itself.

"We're only measured when we're sick, the idea now is to measure us when we are healthy," observes AI expert Mark Wolff saying that one day your smart watch could alert you to a risk of developing diabetes or alzheimer's without even being asked. That could give doctors a head-start in treating those conditions.