Data, the great persuader: The Agenda in full
Updated 21:05, 11-Dec-2019

It's been described as the new oil - powering the world's most profitable companies - Data. 

But how much information about you is out there? Who gets to look at it? And, most importantly, what's it really worth? On this edition of The Agenda, we meet the people trying to access our data, those trying to protect it, and those who make millions of dollars from it.

We talk to Cyber security entrepreneur Ken Munro - who shows us how the simplest devices can be incredibly revealing.

And to Dr Jennifer Pybus, Lecturer in Digital Culture and Society at King's College London, who wonders whether the data we freely give away now influences every decision we make - from what to eat to who to vote for.

Plus, Ralph Echemendia tells us all about his life as a self-proclaimed ethical hacker.