What is going to be under your tree?
Europe;United Kingdom

It's almost Christmas in the UK, which means that the country will be spending around $1.3 billion on toys. On average, children in the UK receive 40 toys per year, making it the fourth-largest toy market in the world. 

A large proportion of the toys bought and sold in the UK, around one in ten, will be linked to the entertainment industry. 

For example, B&M is selling a Harry Potter invisibility cloak that can make children invisible with the help of an app. Kids can put on the cloak, which makes them disappear when they are recorded. 

Barbie, who will be 60 years old this year, will also be more inclusive. Children can now buy Barbies that have different skin tones, hair textures and abilities, including an amputee Barbie and a Barbie in a wheelchair.

Other toys will now be marketed as gender-neutral to reflect a changing society and some will now be more recyclable, including Lego which will now be made with a new material. 

What are you going to buy the children in your life this Christmas?