Passengers suffer as technical glitch hits British Airways flights to London
Updated 03:37, 22-Nov-2019
By Nilay Syam

British Airways customers flying into the UK faced delays and cancellations after the airline reported a "technical issue" on Thursday.

Dozens of inbound flights to Heathrow and Gatwick airport, including some arriving from the US, India and Japan were delayed, leading to a knock-on effect on departures.

The worst affected was BA170 from Pittsburgh, US, which was expected to land at Heathrow 12 hours behind schedule.

The airline said teams were working hard to resolve the problem, while passengers were being offered hotel accommodation and booked on alternative flights.

A BA spokesman said: "We plan to operate a full flight schedule today. There may be some knock-on delays to flights and we are advising customers to check for the latest flight information. We are sorry for the disruption to customers who have been affected."

BA flight schedules were thrown into disarray on several occasions recently due to systems failures.

An IT glitch in August forced the cancellation of more than 100 flights, leaving tens of thousands of passengers stranded.