The global opioid epidemic: The Agenda in full
The Agenda

Cannabis-based medicines have now been approved for use in three national health treatments. It's a milestone decision that could change the lives of thousands of patients because it's suggested it could become an alternative form of pain relief to replace opioids. Opioid addiction is a global epidemic claiming hundreds of thousands of lives around the world. It needs an urgent solution.

Who is to blame for the alarming rise in addiction? How did it happen? And what can be done to solve the crisis?

Joining The Agenda with Stephen Cole is Ruth Dreifuss, Former President of Switzerland and now Chair of the Global Commission on Drugs Policy, Dr Joao Goulao who is Portugal's National Drugs Co-ordinator, Nicki Hari who's a former addict-turned-addiction counsellor and Dr Cath Stannard, Complex Pain Consultant.