Carbon Recycling, Green Electronics and The Future of Wind?: RAZOR full episode

In this episode RAZOR's reporters investigate how CO2 can be converted into a carbon neutral fuel, meet the scientists developing eco-friendly electronics and find out how decades of engineering norms are being turned upside down to produce renewable energy.

Emma Keeling is in Iceland to visit Carbon Recycling International who are converting CO2 into renewable methanol for fuel applications, greener chemicals and products.

The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Sciences in Zurich have developed a wood-derived cellulose which is an alternative to traditional plastics and polymers. Dr Shini Somara investigates how this innovative substance is created before it is put into 3D printers.

In Spain reporter Guy Henderson explores the future of wind power. Vortex Bladeless are developing ground-breaking technology that uses a vibration resonant cylinder which oscillates in the wind, generating power through the use of a dynamo.